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A Send-Off for ‘Mr. Warmth’

Not quite a year after marking his 90th birthday, we must now say goodbye to the truly legendary, one-of-a-kind pillar of “warmth” himself, Mr. Don Rickles. I can only dream of turning insults into a lucrative career, as others will certainly try.  Still, no one will ever do it quite like he did.


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A Commendable Effort, I say.

After three tedious debates, in addition to their countless daily soundbites, our two currently most watched Americans finally showed their supposedly humorous sides– or at least we should say: they tried (one of them succeeding more than the other, as some of us will agree). Now in hindsight, this notable evening sounds all the better when summarized in two and a half minutes!

Dean Martin and Phyllis Diller they’re not, but I commend their efforts nonetheless.  If only we heard this sort of banter from them more often, perhaps the process through which we’re all now living would be a bit more palatable. All the more reason to enjoy such a rare occasion, I say.


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Another Key to Longevity?


Photo Courtesy: WGN Radio

A truly special occasion falls upon “Mr. Warmth” himself on this Mother’s Day. The one-and-only Don Rickles has turned 90 years old!

Having outlived nearly all of his original pals of the stage and screen, while still remarkably pressing on with his unparalleled brand of insult comedy, “The Merchant of Venom” remains very much with us. You might say this legendary comedian owns yet another key to longevity, that is if hurling good-natured insults at all types and ethnicities of people happens to prolong life. (Let’s pretend it does.) In any case, Mr. Rickles has certainly mastered his craft, time and time again.  Thankfully he’s not finished quite yet!

Plus, he remains in good company.  After all, at least two other famous, accomplished male legends in their own rights are right behind him, both coming up on 90 very quickly themselves. Can you name them offhand?


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About The Things I Said…

In honor of baseball legend Yogi Berra, who passed away last week at age 90, a list of classic “Berra-isms” is well worth a thorough review– many of which warrant reuse (with proper attribution of course.)  Below are five of 50, with the other 45 here. (Courtesy: USA Today)

Yogi Berra1. When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

2. You can observe a lot by just watching.

3. It ain’t over till it’s over.

4. It’s like déjà vu all over again.

5. No one goes there nowadays, it’s too crowded.  

And the lists abound!  But then, did he ever say most of the things he said?  I can certainly relate to such an insightful yet simple statement.  How about you?

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Old But Never…Old.

While I’m away from this site and not posting anything current, please feel free to immerse yourself here in this very non-current gem, a true classic of all classics, television as they sadly don’t make it anymore.  Old in years as this great show now is, it simply never gets old in appeal– especially as I get ready to turn another year older, still waiting for my own dais.

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To The Very End.

Is it just me, or was this year’s lot of Super Bowl commercials rather bland and underwhelming? Wait, I can quickly answer my own question:  It’s not just me.  Never mind I seem to be saying the same thing every year; 2015 out-dulled itself. Oh sure, we were treated to everything from a JFK voiceover to Kardashian egocentrism, media history vis-a-vis a Couric-Gumbel reunion, celebrity appearances by the likes of Matt Damon and Chelsea Handler, and my personal favorite of the evening– the latest nostalgic nod to television sitcom history with the clever and winning union of “The Brady Bunch” and Snickers.  Still, not enough I’m afraid.

(Courtesy: Shamburger/

Altogether, my favorite moment of the evening came not from an ad, but during the game itself. Imagine that!  The final interception that sealed New England’s win– and Tom Brady’s immediate reaction to it– are far more memorable than any 30 or 60 second “break” from the action.  Unlike last year, Super Bowl XLIX produced a close, unpredictable and truly exciting game to the very end, brawl included!  The commercials will just have to keep trying.

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For The Fan of Fans…

The first time I watched this “behind-the-scenes” montage, late in 1987 I believe, it was a private piece for which you needed a connection to know it existed– which fortunately at the time I happened to have.  Now all these years later, available online to the public, it’s just as funny.  If you too are a “Knots Landing” fan and have never seen this, you’ll certainly appreciate it!

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