The Wardrobe, Of Course…

15 Jan

If you go in expecting it to be absolutely ridiculous– funny in a few places yet just downright stupid in more– then you won’t be disappointed.  The storyline just can’t seem to stay on track, if ever there was an intended track from the outset.  Through ups and downs, along with a scattering of chuckles among just as many eye rolls, it’s quite a ride!  Because I for one really like the main characters– the “team” if you will– I was excited to see them again.  The many celebrity cameos are commendable, a close second to my number one reason for sitting through the entire rudderless production.  A big fan of all things ’70s as I am, it’s like looking in the mirror– or wishing I was, that is!  With your expectations properly calibrated as mine quickly became, you too should enjoy Anchorman 2.  It’s silly, it’s tired, and most of all of course, it’s all about the fabulous wardrobe!

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One response to “The Wardrobe, Of Course…

  1. BrantleyNewton

    January 15, 2014 at 08:48

    Yeah the plot took some strange, unexpected, sorta baffling turns. I went to the bathroom when Ron Burgundy was ice skating and when I came back, I asked my girlfriend what I missed. I won’t repeat what she said because it is loaded with spoilers. The story took a series of bizarre turns in about 2 minutes of screen time.


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