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Happy Labor Day Weekend, Onion Style.

The Onion Week-in-Review

Click image above or link below to watch video.

Nation Annoyed About Having To Spend Long Weekend Away From Work


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The Satirical Point of View

Among all else, I’m always one for a healthy dose of satire, on just about any topic under the stars.  As such, as an addendum to my entry yesterday regarding DADT, I’m now happy to present the satirical bend on the topic

The Onion is absolutely fantastic and has been so for years.  I highly recommend it as one of your regular news sources, if for nothing else than to consider an issue from its humorous point of view.  Just don’t make the mistake that one Chinese journalist did a few years back, of reporting an Onion story as fact.

In any case, satirical news lives and must live, on anything and everything!  And that’s my opinion.

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