Her Final Wish Fulfilled

08 Sep

“Exactly the irreverent show she would have wanted,” Geraldo Rivera aptly summarized. “More Broadway than Hollywood,” The New York Times put it, however sans a multiple-accent-crying Meryl Streep.  Altogether– amidst Howard Stern’s “perfect” eulogy among all else— Joan Rivers got her final wish, her “showbiz” funeral proving as refreshingly over-the-top as she was.

So now we go on, commending her legacy while ideally putting her key lessons on life to practice. Leading them of course, on when not to laugh:  “Never.”

There will be no “next Joan Rivers,” irreplaceable as she truly remains.  Anyone who eventually manages to get closest to the title, however, will win in my book.  Meanwhile, at least we can thank, and perhaps learn from, Joan for putting the “fun” back in funeral.

Really, truly, irreplaceable.

Really, truly, irreplaceable.

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