Keep On Laughing…

04 Sep

Don’t say she’s in a better place, because she probably had a house in the Hamptons. And the best line I heard all day:  “Just keep on laughing.”  Clearly, Joan Rivers wants us to do so.

The biggest missing piece of this bittersweet event du jour— Joan is not here to make jokes about her own passing.  Or is she?  Her funeral is yet to come, and may it be everything she wishes it to be, as she described in her recent book, “I Hate Everyone, Starting With Me.”

Her final wishes

Joan was everything that made her fabulously one of a kind: opinionated, irreverent and irreplaceable, just to pick a few of so many apt descriptors.  Altogether, I’m sorry she had to go, perhaps in a less-interesting manner than she was hoping, no less!  At the same time, one of many life lessons with which she’s leaving us is that we needn’t take death too seriously.  After all, “funeral” does begin with “fun.”  And given the way Joan has outlined hers, we all should be looking forward to a good show– set for this Sunday.  May we indeed “keep on laughing.”

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