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A Commendable Effort, I say.

After three tedious debates, in addition to their countless daily soundbites, our two currently most watched Americans finally showed their supposedly humorous sides– or at least we should say: they tried (one of them succeeding more than the other, as some of us will agree). Now in hindsight, this notable evening sounds all the better when summarized in two and a half minutes!

Dean Martin and Phyllis Diller they’re not, but I commend their efforts nonetheless.  If only we heard this sort of banter from them more often, perhaps the process through which we’re all now living would be a bit more palatable. All the more reason to enjoy such a rare occasion, I say.


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Given His Options…

Like him or not, Donald Trump always commands media attention.  And agree with him or not, the media does listen to what he has to say.  The question is:  Will the public?

Trump’s endorsement of Republican candidate Mitt Romney for president might not make a big difference in the long run.  We’ll see.  Given his options however, I say Trump made the best choice.

If nothing else, The Donald once again captured the media’s attention today, as well as mine, and– probably even yours too.  Don’t worry, you can admit it!


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