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Typically The Case

“The death on Monday of an attractive, memorable woman with a beaming smile was particularly stirring and evocative, particularly for males of a certain age. She seemed to embody the era and excite our emotions. I am not referring to Margaret Thatcher, of course. I mean Annette Funicello, the most famous of Walt Disney’s original Mouseketeers of the “Mickey Mouse Club,” whose death in California at the age of 70 was announced a few hours after Thatcher’s.”  (Burman, Toronto Star, 4/13/13)

Controversial in life yet honored in death, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher posthumously stirs varied memories while reigniting a healthy range of social debate.  But then, is this not typically the case upon the passing of a popular yet polarizing political figure?

Margaret Thatcher

She was hated– detrimentally so it appears– yet in opposing circles she is mourned, difficult as this might seem to those who will do anything but.  Again, typical is this not?

“In the days leading up to Thatcher’s funeral, there will be considerable contortions on the part of commentators to be reverent and polite when speaking of the dead,” Mr. Burman explains.  Reverence and politeness notwithstanding, while popular among many as she will forever stand in history, others might rather think first of Annette.  Once more, that T word pops up.

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