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Only Yesterday.

What a telling difference the past two decades– rapid in hindsight as they seem– have made on the fundamental social landscape of New York City.  While distinctly recalling my stroll around Midtown Manhattan on the day of President Clinton’s first inauguration, I must now remind myself that 20 years have since passed.  Really, 20?  There was not a Starbucks to be found, yet somehow we survived.  Has the year 1993 really become synonymous with a bygone era, when we stopped to use a pay phone?  I’ve often pointed out that those born in 1974 are about the last to have entered adulthood without today’s taken-for-granted “conveniences.”  From 1993 onward the changes quickly yet somehow seamlessly rerouted our lives, which the current exhibition aptly illustrates.  Said for ages I say once more:  It seems like only yesterday.

Back to 1993!

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