When California Follows Idaho…

13 May

What I said two years ago regarding cycling in Idaho I say again.  Better yet, it’s just been said again for me:

Idaho’s rule is pretty straightforward. If a cyclist approaches a stop sign, he or she needs to slow down and look for traffic. If there’s already a pedestrian, car, or another bike there, then the other vehicle has the right of way. If there’s no traffic, however, the cyclist can slowly proceed. Basically, for bikers, a stop sign is a yield sign.”  (Joseph Stromberg, Vox)

Unfortunately nothing has changed in the past two years.  California is still not Idaho, as I remain in the former while responsibly cycling as if I were in the latter, free of any so-called “guilt” yet always a mouse with an eye out for the cat.  After all, common sense and a good workout prevail in my book, cop risk notwithstanding.

At the end of the cycling day, a welcome relief it will certainly be when California– and the entire country for that matter– finally gets it together and follows Idaho.  At least then the current sensible actions of so many road-safe cyclists, yours truly among them, will cease to be an unnecessary and potentially costly crime.

“At the moment many state traffic laws criminalize the way sensible, careful bicyclists ride.”  (Click for full article)




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