Better Than Cow

01 Mar

More Than Moo...

My bison steak dinner at Big Four this past weekend was so deliciously satisfying, that it’s still on my mind three days later.  Several bison meals have generously satisfied my demanding hunger over the years, especially in Kansas where such meat rules the land.  I must go so far as to say, however, that Big Four’s preparation is definitely the best I’ve had to date.

Dense, lean and wonderfully intense in natural flavor, bison meat far outshines the best cut of any standard cow, if I may say so.  If you’re the adventurous, discerning and hungry carnivore that I am, a bison dinner should in no way disappoint you.  Certainly have it at Big Four if you’re anywhere near San Francisco.  Then, if you’re the home-cooked type, this useful website will come in handy. 

Bon Appetit!

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