Not Just Satisfied…

10 Jun

Spicy means spicy, and rare means rare.  Anytime these two vital culinary keywords prove themselves, I know I’ve found a dining establishment worthy of my repeat business.

The chicken curry is positively delicious, fire-breathing upon request of course, by far the best I’ve tasted in recent memory.  A half-fries-half-rice accompaniment works very well, yielding an overall portion that’s probably gargantuan for many, while nicely satisfying for yours truly.

The pepper cheese-jalapeno burger called out to me as well, or perhaps I should say it was mooing as the big rare patty arrived to the table, nestled in a soft, round sourdough bun, alongside a heaping mound of crisp mixed greens.  Having asked beforehand if the chef would walk the cow past the stove, the answer from the waitress was an immediate and emphatic “oh yes.”  I knew I was in the right place, even before discovering the weekly liver-n-onions special!

The fried calamari appetizer is standard fare, surprisingly modest in quantity.  Then again, you won’t want to fill up before your generous and carefully selected entrée.  You might join me in wishing for a garlic or chipotle aioli in place of the calamari’s basic cocktail sauce.

The fish-and-chips remain to be tried, as do the ribs, which hopefully won’t have run out next time.  If I don’t hit the right day for the liver, I’ll just have to hit the curry again, this time with shrimp.  Whatever the selection, it all gets washed down with one of many import drafts.  Be sure to have company with you, as did I, so as to sample and share more than one plate.

The large open space is instantly inviting, with plenty of bar stools and high-top tables to be had.  The numerous wall-mounted flatscreens allow you to see your sporting event from all angles, while the variety of country flags on the ceiling create a pleasant international flair.

I’m always love it when I’m not just satisfied, but thoroughly impressed, with my first visit to a neighborhood dining establishment, especially one in walking distance of my home that’s been on my list for some time.  I’ll back, sooner than later, to Martin Macks.


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