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His Last Word (?)

“The one and only” indeed.  Naturally I have to hand it to a man who’s made a lifelong career out of having opinions.  While many manage to pull it off for a while in one form or another, this bold opinion giver is unarguably unique in his brand, carrying a raw style and distinct presentation that are simply unmatched.

As such, it’s a shame to see him go.  Andy Rooney had the last word on CBS’ “60 Minutes” this past Sunday night, for his final regularly scheduled time.  While the 92-year-old “curmudgeonly commentator” is not retiring, so he says, for the first time in more than 30 years he will not be ranting on a weekly basis.  Among all else, he’ll be enjoying his restaurant dinners without your interruption, while NOT giving you his autograph.  Still, as his mind continues to churn, Rooney’s last word last night may very well not be his last.

I admire the type of people there’s only one of, and there’s certainly only one Andy Rooney, the product of a nearly extinct generation we may not see again anytime soon.  He has some very big shoes to fill.  But then, will anyone dare try?

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