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Who Knew?

The Sawyer Camp Trail

More than one year now after moving to San Francisco, and after a couple of decades of regularly visiting the area, I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the terrific bicycling routes upon which I stumble.  Along with its distinct topographical characteristics triggering a mental journey to another region of the country altogether– Maryland, Illinois and Wisconsin come to mind– the Sawyer Camp Trail in San Mateo County presents a beautiful slice of nature conveniently close to the City.  Plus, it’s reportedly one of the most popular stretches in the vicinity.  Who knew?  Answer:  Everyone but me apparently, until now that is!

Starting at the north end, the trail’s 12-mile stretch round trip, combined with a loop through Crystal Springs and Hillsborough, yields a respectable and hilly 25-mile route altogether.  This is of course just one of numerous options, another being to add in my nearby favorite Canada Road to Woodside.  Suffice to say, the cycling space continues– in my own ongoing discovery anyway– to expand throughout the peninsula.  I’m just surprised I didn’t discover Sawyer sooner, having been so close.  Now to more that awaits!

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