Quite A Climb…

06 May

While making my way on bicycle this week north on Canada Road from Woodside, I improvised a new route in order to get around current bridge work on Skyline between Bunker Hill and Crystal Springs.  My iPhone-assisted plan took me east into San Carlos and then north toward Belmont, planting me unexpectedly on one very intense and exhausting climb.

Such topography is hardly unusual in the area, but this steep upward path certainly made a lasting impression, perhaps for the intimidating fact of being able to see most of it all at once.  I decided when I got home — and yes I did get home — to do an internet search for “Crestview Drive.”

Here’s what I found, most academic and thorough to say the least.  “The southern end of Crestview climbs up from Edgewood to Melendy in San Carlos. The street is very wide and fairly straight, so the 30+ mph traffic can leave you room to climb.(Courtesy: Lucas)  Obviously my impromptu “discovery” already exists as an established cycling feat.

Suffice to say, I’m always happy to acquaint myself with yet another cycling challenge.  This one was, to say most simply, quite a climb.  And for once at least, this is not just my opinion!

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