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A one-of-a-kind living room window view.

After almost a year of intent, I finally made it.  The small coastal town of Gualala, some 120 miles north of San Francisco, welcomed my motorcycle and me for a brief yet lovely stay this week.  Actually, it’s my fabulous lifelong friend and her hoot of a husband who did the welcoming.  The town itself, fortunately, seemed to be on board with my arrival.

Altogether, this 250-mile roundtrip motorcycle journey was scenic, relaxing and of course on some stretches of twisty Hwy 1, challenging!  Coming just after an oil change, new brake pads and new brake fluid earlier this week, my sturdy and reliable SV could not have performed better, at least not at the still-somewhat gentle hands of its cautious handler.

With a business appointment already scheduled in Santa Rosa this week, I figured I was already halfway to the residence of my dear friend, so why not?  My conclusion:  A trip most worthwhile, especially thanks to ideal weather conditions.  The route to Gualala is beautiful, the town warm and inviting, the views spectacular, and last but certainly not least, the food absolutely delicious!

If and when you find yourself rolling along the northern California coast, whether by two wheels or four, or more, make Gualala one of your stops.  If you’re lucky enough to hit the town on taco night at Trink’s, you’ll be in for a true and unexpected culinary delight.  Crab, shrimp, pork or beef, or one or several of each, these generous and flavorful gourmet tacos far surpass any that I can recall in the “big city.”  Be sure to get there early or prepare to wait, because despite any visible life on the streets, the place was packed!  And on a Wednesday no less!

Join me sometime soon, preferably on your own motorized set of two wheels.  You too might just find yourself saying “Gua-la-la!”

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