Let The Year Begin!

08 Jan

The pros visit Agoura“About how many kilometers did you ride last year?”, I asked him just after our photo was taken.  His answer comes out to about three times my amount– that is, what equates to around 310 miles per week to my 110, roughly 1350 miles per month to my 475, and more than 16,000 miles for the year to my less than 6,000.  Altogether, it looks like my own dust settles at about 35 percent of his answer to my question:  “about 26 thousand kilometers.”  Naturally he’s the pro and he’s getting paid; I’m not and I’m not, as reality likes to remind me.  Still, it feels good to be more than a third of the way there!

A moment to remember

A privilege and a pleasure it was to meet cycling great Peter Sagan at Cannondale’s 2014 team launch party on January 7 at the Canyon Club in Agoura, California.  For as exhausted as he and his teammates surely must have been by the end of the evening, together they put on one excellent show for all of us.  You won’t find them spinning through the streets of Thousand Oaks for long however, as races are fast underway.  We’ll see Peter back here in no time of course, ready to defend his green jersey in the Tour of California come May.  For now– one week in– let the cycling year begin, for the pros and all of us somewhere behind them!

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