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“It’s certainly no longer surprising to see someone brandishing one of these wands of self-importance. Maybe they still inspire eye-rolls. But either there are enough people who don’t care if they look silly or there are enough people who realize that selfie sticks are rather convenient.” (Contrera, Washington Post Style Blog, 6/28/15)

 IMG_8652  In a mirror...

Granted, pulling out “the stick” mid-roller coaster ride seems like a bad idea.  But for such poor judgment to bring about a park-wide ban?  Balderdash, I say.  A selfie stick sensibly exercised on solid, open ground in front of a picture-worthy backdrop is hardly going to cause harm to anyone. And naturally, how you or I might appear to others remains irrelevant.  I did indeed happen to receive “the gift of 2014” myself, and I like it.  Unfortunately, Disney is now the one to say balderdash to me and all the rest of you who believe convenience trumps silliness.


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Of All His Moments…. This?

The well-played role of Tom Bradford notwithstanding, this schmaltzy moment of all-American automotive nostalgia is what somehow first popped into my mind upon hearing of his passing. RIP Dick Van Patten.

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What Once Was.

So comes a spellbinding walk down memory lane for any American over– let’s say– 50?  Seeing as this number sits far in my future, who am I to talk?  Naturally, yours truly being old for his age, I remember, appreciate and truly adore nearly all the moments featured in episode one of CNN’s The Seventies, aptly titled “Television Gets Real” — of which the above clip is a part.

What we have before us is one outstanding look back at what once was in the world of broadcasting, and what– sadly and ever the more painfully– now is not.  Simply put, they don’t make TV like this anymore.  Nevertheless, while loving every minute thus far, I can’t wait for episode two, no matter how unflattering Mr. Nixon will inevitably emerge.

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