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The First of Many…

Generations change; British Royal moments not so much.

Surely this is the first of many comparisons to come.  While I had been thinking of finding two such photos myself and placing them side by side, to little if any surprise it was already done for me.  In any case, the inevitably to-be-watched life of George Alexander Louis has begun, just in time to trigger comparisons of his mother to the grandmother he’ll never know, along with all those would-haves.  Once more, Diana lives in spirit.

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The Day After…

And then, away they went.  The absence was present this morning.  I missed waking up to Le Tour, though I must say I did NOT miss some of those commercials I’ve now seen more times than I care to count!  Still, my favorite official teaser that could now use some fresh additional clips, for today gets a parting reblog.

I’m just glad the new Royal baby waited until the day after Le Tour was over to make his debut, so as not to divert British celebratory energies of course.  Great Britain has much to celebrate this week– a second Tour win yesterday, a new heir to the throne today— what’s next?  In any event, until 101– Vive Le Tour!

Ryan R. Sanderson

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