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Erin go Bragh!

The “greenest” day of the year has come once again, and yours truly is very much here for it!  Having survived the Ides, it’s now high time to break out my infamous green suit and celebrate every last Irish part of myself on this always auspicious St. Patrick’s Day!

San Francisco surprisingly held its St. Patrick’s Day parade last Saturday, as did Chicago, both far too early in my opinion.  Why not have them on the real day, I ask.  A friend told me that in SF’s financial district, many workers go to lunch on this day and never make it back to the office.  A parade might just be a far more excusable justification for this than a pub.  However, since no parade awaits our city’s Irish and/or Irish-spirited partygoers today, it looks like the Irish pubs will be the destination “an lae.”   Then, as no green river flows in this vicinity, with a nod to Chicago’s wonderful Irish tradition, there’s likely not much “green” to see outdoors today anyway.

St. Patrick’s Day Tradition in Chicago

If you’re in Chicago today, go see if there’s any green left in the river!  If you’re in San Francisco, head here, or here, or here!  If you’d rather sit home with your own homemade corned beef & cabbage and a bottle of Jameson, then be sure to freshen up on your SPD history, as plenty awaits.

This truly is my second favorite day of the year.  Erin go Bragh!


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