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5, 4, 3…

A new iPhone would be nice, and I’m currently eligible for an upgrade.  In about a week I can finally go and get… oh, wait… no I can’t.  Of course I was about to say the new 5, but as revealed yesterday, this is not the case.  No 5 yet exists.  Rather, the 4S is upon us.

Fine, so now what?  Go ahead and get the new 4S, and a year from now remain locked in its contract as the supposed 5s are finally dangled before us?  Or get the existing 4 for a lesser price?  Or, dare I ask, just stay with my existing 3GS that works perfectly fine?

It’s time for anyone with such questions, including myself, to stop, breathe, take a step back, and refocus.  It’s a phone.  I use mine to talk, text, e-mail, take photos and an occasional video, check Facebook, and do a Sudoku puzzle once in a while.  All of these are basics in the smartphone world, each of which functions sufficiently on existing and older iPhone models.  A better camera sounds good, but this alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor.  Beyond that, do I really need a 4S that talks to me and tells me what I need to do or not do at any given time?  Even if so, need I be the first one?

I believe I’ve just answered my own questions.  Have you answered yours?

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