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The “Right” Phone?

The iPhone 5 is now officially on its way, almost an entire year after some of us had thought it might be.  If you’re wondering if this is indeed the right phone for you, consider a bit of simple reasoning from those supposedly in the know.  It seems to be right for me, as I meet the criteria by falling into one of two groups.  Therefore, though no sort of tech geek, I’m ready for my new 5 right away.  Are you ready for yours?

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5, 4, 3…

A new iPhone would be nice, and I’m currently eligible for an upgrade.  In about a week I can finally go and get… oh, wait… no I can’t.  Of course I was about to say the new 5, but as revealed yesterday, this is not the case.  No 5 yet exists.  Rather, the 4S is upon us.

Fine, so now what?  Go ahead and get the new 4S, and a year from now remain locked in its contract as the supposed 5s are finally dangled before us?  Or get the existing 4 for a lesser price?  Or, dare I ask, just stay with my existing 3GS that works perfectly fine?

It’s time for anyone with such questions, including myself, to stop, breathe, take a step back, and refocus.  It’s a phone.  I use mine to talk, text, e-mail, take photos and an occasional video, check Facebook, and do a Sudoku puzzle once in a while.  All of these are basics in the smartphone world, each of which functions sufficiently on existing and older iPhone models.  A better camera sounds good, but this alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor.  Beyond that, do I really need a 4S that talks to me and tells me what I need to do or not do at any given time?  Even if so, need I be the first one?

I believe I’ve just answered my own questions.  Have you answered yours?

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