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Three Weeks in July, Encore

An even smaller USA presence this year than last contributed to the 2019 Tour de France– four riders to start and three of them to finish. It’s no longer the American experience it once was, but this is probably not what anyone in France is pondering right about now.

Much of the excitement over these past three weeks grew with the possibility this might finally prove once again to be a truly French sporting event– this is to say, that a Frenchman would win Le Tour. For more that half of this year’s 21 stages, the host country was in position for a GC victory. France had its very own “winner du jour” as Julian Alaphilippe wore le maillot jaune for the majority of days– in addition to his two stage wins no less. After 34 years, could this really be France’s time? The end was nearing as questions were mounting yet hope was building.


There’s long been talk of the French curse in professional cycling’s grandest three weeks. Alas, the curse appears to remain in play. We all know what happened, via physical skill, mother nature and all else– I needn’t retell it all here and now. Helmets off to Columbia, of course, where pride and celebration will no doubt make its mark. Still, I, an American, would really love to see France have its year. And with that, there will certainly be three weeks in July encore. Vive Le Tour!

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Stage 18: More Now Than Ever.

The climbing is now over for the 101st Tour de France, but not before the Italian in yellow captured the last summit finish while adding nearly another two minutes to his lead.  Sure, we all know anything can happen yet, though I must say here at the end of stage 18 that overall victory in Paris is looking pretty safely wrapped up.  At least the polka dots are set, while the green jersey has once again this year remained on the same single dominant back- and we know whose that is!

 Nibali passes Chris Horner Nibali's solo climb

Then of course there’s white, for the best young rider, in this case France’s bright rising star. Thibaut Pinot has impressively ascended in all rankings throughout his journey, to now sit in second place behind le maillot jaune. Could France see the GC podium in Paris?  Likely.  Could France see yellow?  Unlikely, as this would require a very unusual and surprising seven minutes.

  Along stage 18... Pinot in action

Now heading into the final three days of Le Tour, more now than ever, Vincenzo Nibali will be the champion of the 2014 Tour de France.  At the same time, more now than ever– especially with an individual time trial still to come– again, anything can happen yet.  Now back to the sprints!

(Photos Courtesy – ASO)

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Stage 10: Another Big Name.

Wow.  Again.  It’s a good thing Bastille Day is not a Spanish holiday, or that Alberto Contador is not French.  The past champion and serious contender for this year’s victory– yet another big name of Le Tour overall– is out of the race after a serious crash and valiant yet unsuccessful attempt to continue on.  A fractured tibia and bike racing, however, just don’t mix.

At least a Frenchman wore le maillot jaune on this Bastille Day, just before returning it to the man from whom he took it yesterday. With mountainous stage 10 largely considered the hardest thus far, safe to say tomorrow’s rest day hasn’t come at all too soon.  From there, given the constantly changing dynamics of this crazy Tour, all bets are off.

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Stage Nine: Just In Time…

Stage 9

Move from flats to climbs, and the game changes.  No surprise it is, therefore, that le maillot jaune changed shoulders today after its seven-day hold.  So comes and goes stage 9, now with France’s Tony Gallopin wearing yellow just in time for Bastille Day!

The new French leader of Le Tour de France.

The new French leader of Le Tour de France.


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