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Textual Purity

When in one morning you come across same-issue editorial commentary in the left-leaning New York Times, the right-leaning Fox News, and the leaning-every-which-way Onion, then you know you have a matter worth pondering.

So, here you may ponder for yourself: 

A)  The New York Times  B)  C)  The Onion

All three sources appear to agree, pleasingly so to me, that such action is no doubt a bad move.  Call me, with respect to the NYT commentary, a “textual purist.”  After all, we cannot rewrite history to appease excessively delicate sensibilities of the present day.  Otherwise there would be no end to historical works deemed “offensive” and in need of “revision.”  (The Bible, anyone?) 

History is context, and history is education.  Classics must be presented and absorbed in their original form, with textual purity, from which any current commentary or disclaimer can be added and discussed, if need be.  Anything else is inauthentic and in itself offensive. 

And that’s my opinion.

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