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Yet Another “Coupe” in the Mix

“It would be great if the automakers’ marketing departments would please cease and desist when it comes to trying to push these prettier sedans on us as though they were actually coupes. They just aren’t.”               (Matt Davis,

I entirely concur.  Sure, the 2013 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe is an attractive machine, a bit sleeker and more eye-catching than the current 3 or 5, though still no dramatic departure from its relatives.  In any case, what’s here called a “coupe” looks suspiciously to me like a new sedan in the family.  It seems this could very well have been badged and sold as the new 5 Series, which certainly would have been an exciting move in itself.  Instead, we’re treated to yet another dose of head-scratching marketing strategy, as German automakers apparently race to keep up with– and perhaps manage to outdo– each other with the latest “coupe” in the mix.

My own preference in this unusual automotive category remains unchanged.  Line up this new 6 next to the CLS and the A7, and still, as I’ve mentioned, I’ll take a Panamera any day!


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One of a Kind

Disagree as you might, this one is growing on me.  While the Porsche Panamera has been on my radar for well over a year now, throughout this time my admiration has not faded.  In fact, every time we cross paths on the road, which is not all that often, I have to say I appreciate this four-door novelty just a little more.

The fact of the matter is, there’s nothing else quite like it.  This uniqueness in itself is reason for praise, or at least some constructive consideration.  While some critics have already pooh-pooed the Panamera, it stands out to me as one of a kind.

Of course, I’ll take mine in red.

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