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Thinking Fast.

As the sprinters raced to the finish line of today’s primarily flat stage, my own thoughts sped along with them.  Would this finally be Peter Sagan’s day, giving him a well-deserved first Tour win of the year?  Or rather, would “The Missile” take back-to-back stage victories and up his magic number to 25?  As usual, they got to the front of the peloton in those key final moments today, after both having to do some unusual– for them at least– catching-up.  Bike trouble delayed Sagan momentarily, while Cavendish picked himself up from a crash.  From there– impressive as always– it was all about teamwork and rolling mechanics to put them back in position.

Talk about thinking fast.  It turns out my speeding thoughts couldn’t keep up, because I was wrong on both questions.  The Missile had to settle for the number four spot today, while the 23-year-old Slovakian saw his THIRD second-place finish of the year thus far.  After all these “seconds”, I’m really looking forward to a stage win for Sagan.  For now I’m glad he holds onto the sprinter’s green jersey.

In any case, another day in France is done, now with four more rider losses unfortunately.  Today’s accolades for stage 6 go to– in addition to the impressive teamwork of Sagan’s Cannondale and the valiant yet unsuccessful effort of Nacer Bouhanni– the big winner du jour of course, the always-powerful Andre Greipel.

It’s Greipel’s Day!


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Fini, et Pas Fini

Paris came and went, again, as 2162 miles of hard hammering are now “fini.”  After three weeks of enjoying my routine, on this morning the routine is over.  No new day of competition is waking me up at 5:30.

While last year marked Australia’s moment, this year the highest honor goes for the first time to Great Britain.  And yes, “The Missile” did indeed take the final stage one more time.  Altogether, broadcast withdrawals notwithstanding, here’s to the exciting and successful completion of the 99th Tour de France.

The final stage winner hammers just behind 2012’s overall Tour winner.

Bob Roll commented yesterday that every year more and more spectators decorate the roadsides of France.  As the planning for next year’s Tour progresses, I have to wonder about crowd control, or in some cases lack thereof.  After all, given such alarming incidents as loose dogs, burning flares and scattered tacks, not to mention increasingly chaotic and ever-diminishing road space for cyclists to reach their marks, I would imagine in many cases a bit more order would be most appreciated.  Yes, “C’est Le Tour,” but still– to a point.

How fitting that Great Britain dominated the 2012 Tour, just in time for the Olympic Games to kick off in London!  After an intense three weeks in France, now it’s on to the next riveting chapters of athletic competition.  All the while, I’m pleased to have gotten in my own ride on every single day of the Tour, logging just over 500 miles in my own saddle during this period.  It’s not 2162 unfortunately, given the limitations of time and local roads, but at least almost a fourth that number for this amateur.  C’est mon Tour, though thankfully– I’m “pas fini.”


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