25 Years Ago Today

28 Jan

Of the numerous indelible moments in relatively recent history, that which occurred 25 years ago today is of distinct recollection to me.  In the middle of my 6th grade math class, we were interrupted by our headmaster with news that the Space Shuttle Challenger had just exploded.

A quarter century seems to be a strong marking point of remembrance for most any major world tragedy.  The Challenger is certainly worth remembering today, for both the immediate human and the long-term scientific losses that were irrevocably suffered.

No doubt you have your personal memories of the day as well, if you’re at least 30 I suppose.  Suffice to say, in simplest terms:  January 28, 1986 shook the nation and the world, and space travel, sadly enough, never got back on the same track.

25 years later, the day is remembered, for so many reasons.

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