Have a Bite…

18 Feb

They might be called the ultimate comfort food, definitely unique and delicious.  “Spicy Irish Potato Bites” at The Chieftain, those I discovered and briefly mentioned here back in November, seem to satisfy the most growling palate.  Just be sure to specify “well done” so that they’re not cold in the middle, as I learned the first time around.

More than what you might imagine as a “bite,” these clever pub morsels are large, deep-fried balls of mashed potatoes, complete with jalapeno pieces baked inside to earn their “spicy” label.  Five of them for $7.95 are a great and filling deal, especially on a cold rainy day when you find yourself anywhere near San Francisco’s northwest corner of 5th and Howard.

The bites don’t fail.  What does fail is the special $4.00 Bombay martini with which you might opt to wash down your bites.  Whether bartender skill or price justification, the pour level is horrifically low.  And if you’ve ever had a drink with me, you know my sensitivity to low pours!  To avoid such potential suffering, I recommend a draft, preferably a Killkenny, as the suitable bite accompaniment.

And this is just the beginning of a complete Irish Pub menu.  The corned beef, ahi burger and fish-n-chips await sampling and review.  Considering the Chieftain celebrates its first decade anniversary next month, now you have one more reason to pay a visit and have a bite!

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