“You Won’t Like It”

12 Apr

“Like other bitters, Campari has a strong aroma and a characteristic flavor which some consumers find overwhelming when consumed straight.”  (

In other words, a lot of people can’t stand Campari.  It’s most definitely an “acquired taste” as many say.  And as I always say to anyone who’s about to try it for the first time:  “You won’t like it.”  Most times I stand correct. 

Not that this is a bad thing.  In fact, it’s rather good I say, in that there will always be more Campari for yours truly, while rarely if ever will anyone fight me to share the bottle.  After all, this famous yet still somewhat mysterious Italian aperitif remains my very favorite and most often enjoyed alcoholic beverage.

So I’m a little late for the party, as Campari is now closer to its 151st birthday than its sesquicentennial.  Nonetheless, it’s my true delight to have effortlessly obtained one of the above-pictured limited edition 150th anniversary bottles yesterday, the middle one to be exact.  The inexplicable mystery remains, however, as to how such a welcome acquisition took me so many months, considering the bottles debuted last summer.  All I will say on this is, as with most good things:  Better late than never!

If you’re one of those inquisitive and daring types who’s never yet tried Campari, I recommend you do so first on ice with soda water.  Then, you might opt for an orange juice mix.  For a stronger drink, mix it with gin or vodka.  Or for a lighter refreshment, pour a splash into some chilled (and inexpensive) white wine.

If all options have failed you and I stand correct once again, I’ll of course be more than happy to relieve you of your surely closer-to-full bottle of red Italian mystery. 

Campari:  Truly a pleasure I will never go long without.  You’re always welcome to join me, even at risk of my having to share.

Did I mention this all has something to do with my “acquired” opinion?

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