It’s About Influence…

25 Apr


There she is??

I didn’t get mine.  Did you get yours?

The guest list was unveiled over the weekend for this Friday’s Royal Wedding, and it looks like more than a few people did not receive their invitation.  Not that this is so horrible; it simply leaves me to wonder if any of the eliminees are really griping about it.  Personally, I think I’m fine with not going, and I hope you quickly get over it as well.  Just chalk it up to that alleged “Camilla influence,” especially if you were ever rude to her.  This will teach you!

It looks like our chances would have been better if we ever dated William or Kate.  After all, both of them have invited at least some of their exes!  Good for them, I say, as I’m pretty sure I’ll do the same for my own wedding.  Herein lies some influence that just may have superseded the Duchess of Cornwall’s plan, unless of course all of them were always nice to her.

Meanwhile, if you desperately need to take your mind off all the final Royal Wedding preparations this week, perhaps you should sit down with a bag of jelly beans and see if you can find the bride, again!  Your replica, however, will likely not yield the apparent profit of the “original.”  Still, you might influence some type of “Royal Watchers” to open their wallets, so it would appear.

In any event, this is one rare and memorable week of Royal Melodrama, fueled by seemingly endless humor, hysteria and downright insanity, all held together by crisscrossing waves of “influence.”  May it all continue.  My attention is growing, dare I admit.

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