At 65…

19 Aug

Thinking of former President Bill Clinton on his 65th birthday today, I would have imagined he’d enjoy one of those chicken fried steak dinners I discussed earlier this week, if not a nice big filet or rib eye.  But no!  Nothing of the sort is in store for the now-health-conscious former burger lover on this occasion, or any occasion for that matter.  Bill has apparently, to my and perhaps your surprise, gone vegan!

I certainly recognize the need to adjust and monitor one’s diet in the wake of clogged arteries and bypass surgery.  At the same time, I must wonder if doing so really requires foregoing all items derived from animals.  Is this not taking healthy eating to the unnecessary and unenjoyable extreme?  There’s plenty of “good” meat in a healthy diet, no?  Even though he’s in far better health today than a decade ago,  Bill is now looking TOO thin, and dare I say older than his age.  At 65, he appears he could use a little…er… meat, on his bones.

But that’s just my carnivorous opinion.  Happy Birthday Mr. President, cigar or no cigar!


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