Room for Improvement

26 Sep

My first meal was average.  My second one was passable at best.  Suffice to say, after two dinners involving two very different menu selections, I’m sorry to say I remain unimpressed.  Plus, eyeballing some other plates around me, I saw nothing else I’d rather have chosen.

The patio is pretty and pleasant, while the cocktail choices are creative, attractive and ample.  The food however, involving dry and fatty meat among all else, holds significant room for improvement.  While quantity is generous, quality comes up short.

Still, don’t rest solely on my opinion.  Give Nirvana a try for yourself the next time you’re in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco.  The setting is inviting and relaxing, and you can certainly enjoy those cocktails under some mature, tropical-like outdoor foliage that, to me, channels Waikiki’s long-gone Tahitian Lanai.  As far as food is concerned, as long as you keep your expectations low, you just might be satisfied.

I may or may not go for round three.  We’ll see.

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