A “Huge” Problem

04 Oct

As with alcohol and tobacco, to seat belts and motorcycle helmets, government once again has its hand in personal choices.  Fortunately it’s not the U.S. government in this case.

Denmark has instituted a so-called “fat tax,” applying a surcharge to foods that, well, make you fat!  But why?  Obesity isn’t exactly a “huge” problem for this small Scandinavian nation, certainly not compared to the United States.  I’m surprised such a form of taxation hasn’t yet happened here, not that it should of course.

Valid arguments can be made in support of such a measure, but at the same time means other than across-the-board taxation exist for addressing such health concerns, such as education, programs and incentives.  A “fat tax” for all, fat or not, equates to nothing more than unwelcome government control over individual decisions that affect only ourselves.  The “bigger” issue is not what some choose to eat, but rather everyone getting penalized for their own choices.  Herein lies the “larger” matter.

I hope this “first” does not start a global trend.  And that’s my fat opinion.


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