Epic It Is.

27 Oct

An "Epic" sip and nibble.

My next out-of-town visitor could be in for a treat, of sorts.  The $5 “Sommeliers’ Selection” proves refreshingly drinkable, and while the delicious crab cake– or crab nugget as it could more appropriately be called– is a mere morsel, for only $3 who’s complaining?  Order another one!  For quantity over quality if you must, the bowl of potato curls and skins– while setting you back another $3– looks like the way to go.  This is Happy Hour after all, so indulge in some affordable doses of happiness while taking in a stunning Bay Bridge view that any tourist is sure to appreciate as much as I did.

4:30 seems like the ideal time to hit it, as seating should still be plentiful.  After 5:00, as the hungry and thirsty crowds pour in– combined with a somewhat awkward seating configuration– your body-parking choices and wiggle room will inevitably diminish.  Either way, that Happy Hour bar menu remains in full swing until 6:30.  And if you’re staying for a full dinner, well– that’s another blog post altogether!  Impressed I certainly was, as my impending guests likely will be.  Social, savory, scenic, and in more than name alone, it’s Epic.

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