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So Much More

One very complete menu

The roomy corner bar table must have been waiting for us.  At 6:30 on a Saturday night, we arrived just in time before the place started to really fill up.  With menus in hand and an unobstructed view of the Saints game, we were more than ready for a good dinner.

Speaking of menus, it took no time to make my selection.  After all, when liver-n-onions is on the list– especially at a place I’m visiting for my first time– of course I have to give it a go.

I love finally making it to a dining establishment that’s “on my list,” even when I haven’t previously seen the menu.  I love even more being completely impressed and satisfied.  Such is the case with the very popular Liverpool Lil’s, an obviously well-established destination that now has at least one more fan in yours truly.

The meal of meals

Accompanied by cheesy mashed potatoes and hearty mixed vegetables– including brussels sprouts– the generously portioned liver-n-onions entree proved itself one of the best I’ve had in San Francisco.  The glazed half chicken on my dining companion’s plate didn’t look too meager either, following our shared appetizer of copious, crunchy calamari.  Strong black coffee settled my full stomach perfectly.  That “good” dinner we anticipated turned out to be so much more!

Add to this friendly and flawless service in spite of the growing crowd, and it’s clear Liverpool Lil’s runs a strong show.  Established in 1973, countless have been served, as I will be again very soon no doubt.  Will you be joining?

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