Keeping Up The Average

20 Jan

The story piqued my interest, but by no means did it surprise me.  The fact of the matter is:  Cars these days do indeed last longer, regardless of one’s preference for– or ability to buy– a new one.

I’ve argued time and time again for new cars over older ones.  Since the mid ’90s, this typically seems the way to go, for the sake of technical enhancements and luxury appointments, if nothing else.  However, my argument changes tack as certain cars get older, given those classic and nostalgic elements born of days when manufacturers actually distinguished themselves from one another.  (Read:  Most everything today looks the same.)  A 1970s Mercedes or a 1980s BMW is much more head-turning than just about any average 2012 model, as long as it’s well maintained of course– not to mention the often-staggering cost of upkeep.  I suppose it boils down to the difference between a car driver and a car lover, of which naturally I’m both.

All this in mind, today I walked past the very model you see below, stopping in awe for a moment or two.  And then I thought of the story again, mindful of that average age, one that’s no doubt kept up and ever-growing by rare yet beautiful gems such as this!  In this case, “old” wins, while in other instances, it’s time for new– or newer.  After all, I’m afraid your broken-down 1981 Chevette just won’t cut it.

Keeping Up The Average!

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