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Old School Never Fails

“One of a Kind.”

“A Tasty Classic.”

“An Institution.”

What can I possibly say now that hasn’t been expressed once, twice or 5000 times over the past 163 years?  For all the positive reviews out there of “San Francisco’s oldest restaurant,” both my discerning eye and satisfied palate heartily concur.

The bread, butter and water are already on the counter as you sit down.  While images of bygone times decorate the walls as history permeates the air, one very thorough yet no-frills menu awaits.  Tadich Grill remains the unmatched place to savor a real meal while enjoying a unique journey through time.  Despite today’s higher-than-1930 prices, portions remain more than generous as service proves extremely efficient.  After this long it’s safe to say the entire staff has procedure and routine down to a science.

Time and again the rave reviews have poured in, a book awaits your purchase, and a brief yet informative history synopsis covers the daily printed menus.  As the establishment’s website proclaims:  “The Tadich Grill experience is like no other.”  To this, upon my much-anticipated second visit and repeat enjoyment of the best liver-and-onions in town, I happily add my own accolade:  Old school never fails!


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