Daily Archives: September 6, 2012

Only He…

I know.  I miss him too.  And what a wonderful trip back in time it was, almost as if we were watching one of his State of the Union addresses, seeing him once again in his element where he always shines at his best.  Love him or less-than-love him, align yourself with his party or not, agree with his policies and principles or beg to differ, you’ll be hard-pressed to argue this tried and simple fact:  There’s only one Bill Clinton.

His charisma, magnetism and power of persuasion– woven with his undisputable intellect— remain unmatched.  He speaks, and continues to speak, for a relatively long stretch of time.  But we know this.  It’s Bill, after all.  His presentation last night at the Democratic National Convention was no deviation from his expected and accepted style and use of time.  President Clinton was back– if but for one night, for now at least— stronger, more commanding and even funnier than ever.  Only he, the master orator, can do what he does the way he does it, even better after 20 years.  This is precisely what you have to love– if not love– about #42.


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