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It’s Fine.

In advance of this Sunday’s annual round of pricey TV spots, I like many have seen the so-called “controversial” GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial that– thanks to the typical set of complainers– will not be aired in its original, expensively scheduled time slot. First, join me if you will in a big eye roll. Then, let me say I echo the well-reasoned sentiments of Brett Baker:  It’s fine.


But it’s gone, unfortunately.  So let’s take this entire illogical mess a step further, as you too might appreciate the clever reasoning of Alexandra Petri.  She certainly raises a few great points to make her point, begging the question:  How much more ridiculous does the whole matter have to get?  Or better yet, why was this ever an issue in the first place? At least GoDaddy is getting an excellent publicity return on its $4 million investment! (Click image to watch the :30 ad.)

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