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Keep ’em On!

I won’t hold my breath.  Still, whenever the day does come– hopefully sooner than later– we can celebrate one significant step in the direction of not only ease and efficiency, but overall sense and sanity.

“Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano recently offered some good news for air travelers: The days of marching through airport security checkpoints in your stocking feet may soon be over.”  (LA Times)  Read the full article here.

In other words, our footwear will remain on our feet, allegedly, thanks to improvements in TSA screening technology.  Trust me, you’ll welcome this change the next time you’re wearing tall boots!

Now about those liquids…

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Really? When?!

We haven’t been hearing much lately about the TSA and airport security, perhaps to the dismay of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Anthony Weiner.  Nevertheless, it looks like technology is well at work, as the airport security “checkpoint of the future” – or at least the concept thereof – begins to show itself.

I most certainly concur that such enhancements to the airport process of today are long overdue.  My first question of course:  Just how far in the future are we talking?  The sooner the better, I say!

Read the article, watch the video, and see what you think.  One of these days it will all be very different, while hopefully less eye-roll inducing.


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Thank You?

Apparently the phrase has been around a while, while I’ve just now taken notice. Fortunately, an internet search indicates I’m not alone in finding the words downright laughable.  There they were on an overhead monitor as I was making my way through the TSA checkpoint at Dulles this week:  “Thank you for participating in security.”

Really?  For what exactly are we being thanked?  It seems akin to telling a Vietnam Veteran:  Thank you for participating in the draft!

And that’s… (you got it.)

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“Better Way” On The Way?

It seemed like all we were talking about back around Thanksgiving, but I haven’t heard much barking on the subject lately.  Then yesterday I came across this very encouraging article, reminding me the issue will indeed carry into 2011, and thankfully so!

This is the year that, with any luck via sensible working minds, we could finally see that “better way” start to come to fruition.  It’s certainly well past due, to say the least.  In the meantime, I’m happy for yet another reminder that I myself am far from alone in my viewpoints.

Just as I blogged here in November, common-sense must prevail.  Let’s hope a better way is on the way.  And that’s my opinion.

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