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Her Last Laugh

It’s always good to maintain a sense of humor, especially posthumously.  Apparently Elizabeth Taylor, laid to rest yesterday at Forest Lawn in Glendale, managed to pull off her last laugh from the grave

Good for her, I say!  Then, I wonder if she expected anyone to dare attempt to one-up her.  In any case, the service was smaller than I would have expected.  I’m sorry I missed it, but my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. 

Thankfully we have this portrait to enjoy for the ages, which of course has already hung in the Abbey for the past few years.  The same place at which I dined this past Monday, some 36 hours before her death, was one of Liz’s recent favorite hangouts

Once the Abbey’s current construction is complete, the Grand Dame will again preside over her scores of martini-slinging visitors.  No doubt she’ll be enjoying her own martinis in spirit, right along with us.

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Less for More?

It’s what happens when I’m away from West Hollywood for an extended period:  The Abbey remodels, expands, and changes its menu, again.

I don’t recall exactly the last time I visited the Abbey before my lunch yesterday.  Even when I still lived in L.A., my visits grew rare.  As such, it had been quite a while for me, as I arrived yesterday to multiple changes in progress.

The bathroom area expansion appears sensible and well designed.  The new VIP “peninsulas” may be the preferred place to sit, if you don’t need much table space.  I miss the island bar, though not nearly as much as I do the cozy lounging cabanas.  The latter have been replaced by large tables and bench seating, sans curtains.  It’s just not the same.

Also not the same is the menu, as it’s undergone yet another reinvention.  While the BLT and burgers remain ample in portion, the famous heaping pile of nachos has been cut down in size by almost half, now with a higher price to boot.  Don’t you just love getting less for more?  Thankfully, the martinis have not been scaled back, while holding steady at a barely-palatable $12.  I recommend the cucumber.

Perhaps I’ll pay another visit in a few months when I’m back in town again, at which time all the current rear bar construction will no doubt be complete.  Then, perhaps, the Abbey will have finally grown to its limit, or not.  I have a feeling the menu will look different, if not offering less for more.

And that’s my hungry and thirsty opinion.

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