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One Year on Two Wheels

Happy Birthday Red!

Another Halloween, complete with all the usual revelry, has come and gone.  This is the first day of November, the one-year anniversary of my motorcycle ownership, and a seemingly appropriate day to get my new blog underway.

I’ve been in San Francisco now for one week.  This is to say, more than one week has now passed since I moved out of my Encino residence, put most of my belongings in storage, and drove up I-5 to the City by the Bay.  In the past week I’ve applied to numerous job openings, gone to the gym, ridden my bicycle and my motorcycle, taken a day trip to Monterey and back to see some family members, and contemplated various elements of tomorrow’s election.  I had an interview rescheduled, I received a paycheck, I did a bit of cooking, I attended my first club bicycle ride in the area, and I took a look at a living space for rent, all while enjoying the company of a friend who’s welcomed me into his home for the time being.  Suffice to say, this is my new life, or at least the latest chapter thereof.  While the immediate future is uncertain, I’m excited to be here.

Exactly one year ago, on November 1, 2009, I purchased the mode of transportation I continue to love more and more everyday.  I took ownership of a red 2006 Suzuki SV650S, which on this day one year ago read 6,801 miles on its odometer.  Today the same odometer reads 18,103 miles.  In the past twelve months, my motorcycle has carried me 11,302 miles, or almost 942 miles per month.  As I recall, I’d had the bike for six months before hitting my 3,000-mile mark.  My second six months obviously saw a lot more ride time than my first six months did, thanks to the fact that I simply got a lot more used to what I was doing.  I’m happy to report, today, that motorcycling feels natural, and of course a lot of fun!  It’s been a long and interesting path for me, along the road of motorcycle education.  I certainly have a lot of this road yet to travel, but I’m pleased to be able to look back on the distance I’ve come thus far.  On the first day of “motorcycle year two,” the machine between my legs does not frighten me to the extent it did one year ago.  I’m confident, but, to make the important distinction, not overconfident.  I’m looking forward to bettering and expanding my skills in year two, while continuing, each and every day, to enjoy the ride.

Halloween, here and gone, again.  Always a day of craziness and merriment it is!  I’m thrilled to have celebrated Halloween 2010 here in San Francisco, on my motorcycle no less!  My two wheels may now rest.  My job interview tomorrow is a short walk away.


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