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Unexpected Laughs

Every now and then, though not all too often, I’m pleasantly surprised and amused by the random program that appears on the television in front of me.  Such is the case on this rainy Sunday morning.  The station:  E!  The program:  The Soup.  The result:  My out-loud laughter.

Most of the time, for me at least, the re-showing of such ridiculous antics ilicits merely an eye roll and a change of the channel.  This morning’s segment of The Soup, titled “Drunk and Disorderly,” bucked this trend.  I found myself unexpectedly and surprisingly entertained.  Laughter is no doubt a fantastic way to start the day, especially at the expense of other people’s shenanigans.

Check out the schedule for The Soup, and grab some laughs for yourself!

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