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“More Stimulating”

If there’s one thing I miss about driving around Los Angeles during rush hour, it’s listening to John & Ken

Granted, on some topics they are complete buffoons, while others they exaggerate to death.  They more than make up for this, in my opinion, with all the occasions on which they’re dead on, complete with their gritty, cynical, call-it-as-they-see-it style.  On most days, they tend to make some valid and thought-provoking points on whatever their topic of the hour happens to be.  Usually it’s related to what they might call the over-spending, nanny-ridden shenanigans of state and/or local government.  On the mark or not, John & Ken never fail to entertain… well, ME at least!  They certainly live up to their station’s mantra of “More Stimulating Talk Radio.”  I enjoy being “more stimulated,” and I even more enjoy laughing out loud while alone behind the wheel.  Wouldn’t you? 

I have yet to find their equivalent in San Francisco.  But then, perhaps I won’t have to.  It looks like I can download the “iHeartRadio” app on my iPhone and listen to John & Ken anytime I wish.  This would definitely be “more stimulating” than any AM talk radio I’ve found in the Bay Area thus far. 

Perhaps I’ll soon have nothing at all to miss about Los Angeles!

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