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A Better Way?

Is airport security going too far?  Whether your answer is Yes or No, I’m happy for the growing national dialogue that’s taking place on this topic.

I recall writing a letter to the Los Angeles Times back in 2002, regarding airport security and the ridiculous, maddening experience I endured at that time.  Granted, only months after 9/11, most travelers were apt to support and defend new airport security procedures.  Now, almost a decade later, while processes have evolved and technology has advanced, more importantly, dissent appears to have grown.

No doubt there are valid arguments for “keeping the skies safe.”  However, it’s shortsighted for every injustice, invasion and inconvenience to be dismissed under the auspices of “safety.”  There needs to be dialogue, there needs to be argument, and perhaps most effectively, there needs to be backlash.  How else will policies and procedures evolve?  Are we expected to silently accept whatever our government decides to subject us to?  At this point, we have to go along with airport security procedures if we want to fly.  However, there’s no law that says we have to like any of it.  Plus, we have every right to express our dissatisfaction.

Here’s a quick and easy vote on the matter, where you’ll immediately see the results.  Then, here’s one journalist’s suggestion, as more and more voices consider alternatives to our currently inefficient, offensive and at least somewhat politically motivated system. 

The fact of the matter is:  I never feel safer for what we all endure at airports.  Perhaps I am safer, but it’s often hard to feel in the face of annoyance and frustration.  It’s important to keep in mind that the end does not necessarily justify the means, as the TSA best keep in mind.  In the face of continued terror threats and the obvious need for security, there is still always a better way to be found.  The question is:  Will politics and other social circumstances allow a better way to come forth?

And that’s my opinion.

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