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My Perfect Window

It looks like I picked the right day to climb back on the saddle.  After my crash three weeks ago, and with my road rash finally healed and the soreness subsided, yesterday was a fantastic and ideal time to get back out on my bicycle for a relatively short 20-mile loop around the city.

One perfect day for cycling

My return to pedaling could have come sooner, except for one obstacle here in the city.  It’s called weather.  Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful, clear day, coming after a nearly week-long streak of steady rain and overall wetness.  Now this morning, true to San Francisco form, we’ve returned to the same rain and wetness once again.  As such, yesterday was no doubt my perfect window of time to ride, while obviously a limited one.  I’ve said for the past week or so that when I got back out on my bicycle, I wanted at least my first ride to be under dry and pleasant conditions.  I got my wish, and I’m thrilled I did!

Through Golden Gate Park all the way to the coast, up through the Presidio past the southern base of the Golden Gate Bridge, across the Marina and around through the Embarcadero, from AT&T Park into the Mission and finally back to Upper Castro, altogether yields a respectable 20-mile course with some decent open stretches amid the traffic stop and go.  I suggest this route for any of you local cyclists who need a decent in-city spin!

I’ve love to be back in the saddle again tomorrow, for a longer ride into Marin.  We’ll just have to see if my perfect window comes again!

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