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One Last Look

Here on the second to last day of the year, it’s just about time to take one last look at the Christmas tree and start putting all the decorations away.  Perhaps some of you are well past me!

Shining at the Ritz!

One very lovely tree on which to cast a final glance, and perhaps take your Christmas card photo for next year, is this one in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco.  Do note, you can do so while sipping a well-sized and reasonably priced martini!

Tree or no tree, the lobby bar at the Ritz is a fantastic spot to visit for an early-evening martini or two.  For the same $11 you’ll pay for a shaken, straight-up Absolut in any dreary, tacky and/or ordinary establishment around the city, at the Ritz your surprisingly modest drink price also buys you some relaxing and comfortable moments of traditional elegance, well-dressed people watching, and a small tray of taro chips on which to nibble.

Do stop in the next time you’re strolling around Nob Hill.  Of course if you want that Christmas card photo, you best go right now!

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