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When Rare Means Rare

I always appreciate any time when rare means rare!  That’s how I eat a high-end burger; just walk the cow past the stove, or bring me the raw patty if you must.  There’s no greater vexation in my book than an establishment that somehow confuses RARE with medium or some other ghastly term for overcooking.

Fortunately, my time in Los Angeles this week has bled more praise out of me than complaint, at least on the burger front.  I’m therefore very happy to come to you now with two very delicious yet different burger recommendations for the next time you’re wandering around the greater L.A. area.

First:  Father’s Office in Santa Monica.  Their burger is already famous, as word-of-mouth and the written reviews have indicated.  As I never trust anyone else’s opinion before my own, it was well past time I lost my Father’s Office virginity this week.  The baguette is fresh and generously portioned, covering two delicious cheeses (one of them gruyere I believe), a small-leafed mixed green blend (including arugula), carmelized onions, and mouth-watering, properly cooked, ample beef!  Go for it… It’s well worth the $12.50.  (There’s a Father’s Office in Culver City as well.)

Second:  Fleming’s.  While it’s a high-end chain, I’m going off my experience at the one in Woodland Hills.  As the bartender there proclaims, with which I agree, Fleming’s has the best happy hour in town!  We’re talking a huge (and I mean HUGE) properly cooked burger, on a brioche bun with one of three cheeses of your choosing, onions, iceberg wedge, tomato and chipotle mayo, presented with two huge onion rings to boot!  The overall style is more traditional than the aforementioned, but I’ll say the quantity is greater.  Most of all, the price is less:  $6.00!  Can’t beat it.  Go!

In both cases, rare is rare, thankfully enough.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Would you?

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