More Than a Shrug

24 Feb

It looks like a compelling new film is upon us.  Watch the trailer and see for yourself.  Regardless of how this movie turns out, and despite the wide range of opinions of the story and its author, I’m very pleased that such a famous and controversial novel has been adapted to the big screen.

This means I have seven weeks, should I suddenly decide I’m so inclined, to finish the book that was gifted to me more than a year ago.  Suffice to say, the read is complex and slow, requiring consistent concentration and ongoing mental puzzle piecing.  After getting about a fourth of the way through the book several months ago, I’m sorry to say I did not stay with it.  However, I did say to myself at the time, more than once:  “What would the movie look like?”

As such, the film has already sold me, and I’m looking forward to the experience.  After all, I read and remember enough of the story to be “on board” with the plot, though at this point the end remains a mystery to me.  In any event, it will be fascinating to see how these brought-to-view characters not only unfold before our eyes, but where and how they end up.

By the time I’m walking out of the theater, I’ll expect to have finally answered the “big” question, whether via print or visual.  In any case, this upcoming film certainly looks worthwhile, deserving of more than a shrug.

And that’s my opinion.

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