A “Pre-View”

18 Apr

As it’s impossible to review a movie before actually watching it, my mind sits in preview mode.  In anticipation of my very imminent big screen viewing of “Atlas Shrugged,” I’m finding it interesting, and rather educational, to read what various critics and other assorted individuals are saying about the newly released film.  From liberal-leaning to more conservative-based feedback, countless colorful words are already swimming in cyberspace.

Ayn Rand’s infamous novel typically sparks deep thought and incites debate, as well it should.  The long-awaited coming-to-life of her complex storyline and multi-layered characters, about which I’ve already once written, appears to be doing the same.  Meanwhile, it seems because “Atlas Shrugged” is so married to political ideology, that many people may form a strong opinion of the film before, or without, seeing it.  In other words, regardless of the movie’s production value, or lack thereof as the case may be, its ultimate success may be largely determined by political prejudice.

I’m hoping this is not too much the case, that enough people who know anything about Rand’s novel, like it or not, will watch “Atlas Shrugged” with an open mind.  My own “pre-view” is that it’s deserving not of knee-jerk, politically charged condemnation, but of intellectual consideration and philosophical reflection.   I’m confident we all can take something from the film, be it deep thought, debate, or more, wherever each of us happens to fall on the overall political spectrum.  The story lives, whether or not the cinematic quality does.

And that’s my pre-viewing opinion.

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