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Watching & Waiting

The focus… is on a younger generation, and the stories of the younger Ewings aren’t as captivating initially as catching up with J.R. and Bobby.”  (Porter,

It’s like The CW has moved into Southfork, and while they look good, they haven’t quite mastered what it means to be Ewings.”  (Yeoman,

“The new Dallas isn’t perfect – it certainly takes a little while to find its feet and not everything clicks straight away.”  (Jeffrey,

“We could easily have before us any cheesy, unrealistic, poorly acted show made up of yet another generic collection of attractive-yet-dull, scheming-yet-scattered 30-something amateurs.”  (yours truly)

My sentiments seem to fit right in among various others.  As a lifelong follower of all-things-Ewing, I’ve both anticipated and questioned the premiere of this new TNT series for quite some time.  And naturally I have a few things to say about it thus far, now three episodes in with episode four airing tonight.

I’ll of course be watching, and waiting– that is, waiting to see how my initial impressions develop and my overall outlook evolves.  Answers to my questions would be helpful, but then non-answers keep us tuned in, right?

Watch the new “Dallas” for yourself and form your own opinion, either before or after reading my first review.


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Yet Another “Coupe” in the Mix

“It would be great if the automakers’ marketing departments would please cease and desist when it comes to trying to push these prettier sedans on us as though they were actually coupes. They just aren’t.”               (Matt Davis,

I entirely concur.  Sure, the 2013 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe is an attractive machine, a bit sleeker and more eye-catching than the current 3 or 5, though still no dramatic departure from its relatives.  In any case, what’s here called a “coupe” looks suspiciously to me like a new sedan in the family.  It seems this could very well have been badged and sold as the new 5 Series, which certainly would have been an exciting move in itself.  Instead, we’re treated to yet another dose of head-scratching marketing strategy, as German automakers apparently race to keep up with– and perhaps manage to outdo– each other with the latest “coupe” in the mix.

My own preference in this unusual automotive category remains unchanged.  Line up this new 6 next to the CLS and the A7, and still, as I’ve mentioned, I’ll take a Panamera any day!


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Our Own Pride

Taking the positive with the negative– from a time of celebratory self-expression to a massive and exhausting crowd worth avoiding altogether– another San Francisco Pride weekend has come and gone.  As the city now thankfully returns to “normal”– of course a relative term around here– the history behind this longstanding annual event is not far from my mind.  Despite a seemingly endless street mess among various unruly elements scattered about, all in all it’s good to remember the fortunate reality that each of us has the right to our own Pride, however it might, or might not, be expressed.

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Gazing South-Southwest

From one of my most recently discovered vantage points, often on the horizon gazing south-southwest appears a certain famous landmark.  On a day like this one however, with weather conditions so drastically different from one mile to the next, you really wouldn’t know anything was out there.  And trust me, having pedaled through that thick, damp, blinding cover not long before this photo was taken, indeed the cycling day was far more satisfying in the vicinity of this present location.

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Hot in the Bay

What a fantastic outdoor day, when it’s unusually hot in the Bay.  From one picturesque viewpoint to another, this is a time to savor what feels like Southern California weather, never knowing of course how long it will stick around.  When it falls on a Sunday, all the better!  Summer is indeed upon us, and not just by calendar alone.


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Following The Jubilee…

Here’s to her impressive 60 years as monarch, though of course not a record for her position.  This will come roughly three and a half years from now, and I’d say it’s a safe bet she’ll make it.  Either way, at least for now Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II might finally get some rest upon the conclusion of four days of celebration for her diamond jubilee.  If not Her Majesty herself, the city of London may very well need the time to recoup.  After all, with jubilee celebrations now at an end, the London Olympics are quite soon to begin!

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